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  • Danielle Simone

    Danielle Simone

    I am Danielle and I have a heart for women. I want to help those who are struggling, those who are dealing with difficult people in their lives, and those who are going through tough circumstances. Lots of women feel stuck and sacrifice their own happiness, as they can’t see how things can possibly work out better in life. I want to inspire and offer hope to women, that there is a way forward to managing their circumstances that will bring them toward the life that they do want for themselves. With my own fair share of pain and difficulties in life, I can empathise with these women and really encourage them that life can be more fulfilling and joyful. l really enjoy spending time with people, whether in person or using technology. I love to coach and mentor people and see them reach their full potential as they grow towards success. With three grown-up children spreading their wings and flying the coop, I have more time and energy to focus on encouraging women and be an inspiration to those who need it.

The 12 Week Journey

Just a sample of the things you will learn about....

  • You have the power to make change

  • My story

  • Self love, self awareness and self reliance

  • Ways to improve the way you see yourself

  • Change your way of thinking

  • Controlling your inner voice

  • Understanding family roles

  • Moving forward and finding strength and happiness

  • What we value

  • Being unique and clarifying our thoughts

  • Personalities

  • Being mindful

  • Learn how to compromise

  • Emotional self management

  • Living in harmony and understanding boundaries

  • Love, forgiveness and grace

  • Family life and creating a celebrated life

  • Creating quality time

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • Changing our situation


  • How much does the course cost?

    Your total investment is $160 for 12 weeks of online eCourse content. PLUS 2 phone coaching sessions.

  • How long is each session?

    Each week a new class will be available for you to access. These are made up of videos and reading sessions, as well as an activity. Each class should take no longer than 1 hour to complete.

  • How can I access my 2 coaching sessions?

    2 Online coaching sessions are available during weeks week 4 and week 8. You will be prompted in weeks 2 & 3, and weeks 6 & 7 to make a booking with Danielle. A link will be provided during course modules.

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